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A digital revolution has arrived in India, youth can take advantage of it, says Meraj Alam

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For the first time in the last 40 years, the clouds of an economic slowdown are clearly visible in the country. Lockdown is the only way to stop the coronavirus epidemic. There is a lockdown across the country since March 24. After the lockdown imposed on March 24, 2020, today, the country is struggling to return to its economic condition. Per cent GDP fell on the verge of falling to 1.7.

Although it is being told in the CII report that the situation may worsen, which is likely to go down to -0.9 per cent, now the condition is normalising. Economists say that if the situation does not improve by November, then it will come. It may have to be recovered for many years. In 2019 itself, there was a slowdown in small scale industries, including automobiles and real estate. Due to which the government was trying to speed it up through investment. Now all the possibilities of speed in it seem to be exhausted. In the lockdown, people are in their homes, and there is neither product nor demand in the market. Only small shops are supplying the needed items; the rest of the locks are hanging.

The government has announced the lockdown to prevent the spread of this epidemic. Due to which people will stay in their homes, social distance will be maintained, and the infection will spread less. Its significant impact on the economy also cannot be ignored. As a result of this, by the end of the lockdown, the areas based on the effect of the infection were divided into zones, and some relaxation was given.

When the country went into the lockdown phase, then guidelines were issued for the zones in the country. Efforts were also made to give impetus to the meaning of the country with some rules. Including the opening of liquor shops, production in small scale industries etc.

The biggest impact of the ban has been on small scale industries and unorganised sectors. With the announcement of Lockdown 4.0, the Prime Minister also announced a relief package. In this period, the same small shops and industries have become the means of supplying our demand. The intention is clear, in the coming times, India’s intention is to promote small producers. This will boost exports by reducing imports. By producing PP kits and masks, India has proved its capability to the world. Everyone’s eyes are fixed.

In this regard, Meraj Alam, who is moving forward with youth thinking, says, “In present times, the country needs new digital startups. Through which we will be able to connect the youth of India with different parts of the world. Promoting digital projects can prove to be the right and better option in making India financially strong. We all have seen that Corona has taught everyone to work from home. You were doing office work sitting at home; online education got a boost. Today we have become completely dependent on the digital world. Even if the situation becomes normal in the coming time, it will be difficult to distance again from digital mediums.

Meraj provided financial assistance to more than 500+ people around the world, even in lockdown using Online digital mediums. He says, “Covid-19 has also added many new chapters in the country. In which work from home is the biggest. Earlier such things had not been seen in the country. Today most IT companies are adopting this formula. It is clear from all these things that after the end of this epidemic, many modern technologies will strengthen India financially. Perhaps this is a better opportunity for the youth, which they can use to empower themselves.

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