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Pooja Singh Travel Vlogger, Supermodel, Inspiration

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Family’s support plays a crucial role

International travel vlogger and supermodel Pooja Singh has become an inspiration for all women to live openly and respect for a woman by traveling across the country and the world, presenting the highlights of the conversation she had during her recent interview

Q: When you travel to unknown places as a woman, what do you do for your own safety?

It is good to say that solo travel is a good thing and I would not say that it is also safe.Initially, I felt a bit unsure about how I would travel to unknown places. When I went to Goa for the first time, I saw all these things there that when you travel alone, everything has to be taken care of. I don’t have to go out alone at night. And Wherever I go, how the hotel is , how the surrounding area, I travel after researching everything.

Q: Before venturing into Travel Vlogger, was there any restriction from the family side because you have to travel around the country and abroad and you travel the whole world as a girl, then permission was given from the family?

Well I am lucky because I have got a lot of support from my family. When my father was in the army, we almost always used to roam around when he was transferred.And was fond of traveling since childhood, we have never been in the same place. Initially, they felt a little how you would do it, but later felt that if this work has to be done, then there is not much trouble, still I am doing back-to-back travel. I keep updating my family while traveling or before going to a new place and we are always in touch.

Q: What places have you visited till then, which is your favorite place among them?

I have traveled to all kinds of places, from forest to mountain, snow, beach mountain and have also been to such a place where no one goes. And my favorite place is the beach.

Q: Last year, there have been incidents like rape, atrocities on women, you have lived in Delhi and studied there. How safe have you felt as a woman in Delhi?

I have lived in Delhi for ten years, and at that time the situation was very different. I felt really insecure inside. But if we look at today’s condition, even today, I travel in Delhi even at night, so if you talk about the present time, a lot of change has come. Today I feel safe in Delhi and when I hear such stories, it feels a bit like I do not go out of the house at night. wherever I go, I do not travel late at night. I have never faced such a face in Mumbai because the life of Mumbai is known to all, but I never felt insecure even there.

Interviewed by Dinesh Zala

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