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Claudia Machado : Model, Artist & Singer

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The story of Claudia Machado begins on a nowhere landscape in a small countryside, North Portugal.

When she talks about her life she says “I grew up in a low-income family, full of uncertainty, unpredictability, financial and emotional daily challenges. My education purely relied on the protection of my grandparents, who teaches me their values and sense of gratitude for every simple aspect of life. In my youthful memories, always bring me to a place where I see myself trying to ‘escape’ from danger, physical and mental pain, and I am proud to say, that I am now ‘Owner’ of my independence, and I am free to become who I want to be.” “There is a stubbornness about her since she was 6 years of age, by being a victim of school bullying and finding that how much being able to self-control and strength to cope with other people’s opinions important gave me inner strengths.” she found her outlet, creativity and talent as a singer where she could express herself to the fullest. As a child, she quickly learned to align her actions to values. She became self-aware of her creativity, willing to transform and make a difference and save lives.

She gained her nursing degree at 22 years of age from Aveiro’s Hight School of Health and feels very thankful for the financial support provided by several ‘Merit’ scholarships by the highest level of achievement as a student.

Her holidays were always spent working as a waitress in bars, restaurants and even inside clothing factories to be self-sufficient.  Her huge passion to travel and discovering her vision and meaning of reality brought her to the UK to begin her career as an Adult Nurse, working from the bottom-up and learning a language foreign to her comfort zone and largely self-taught.

She grew up in the ‘art of communication’ and always wanted to inspire other people by being unique, creative, and genuine.  She believes that her face, her voice, and her message have the power to encourage others to chase their dreams and become who they want to be. She always dreams of connecting with the WORLD without fears…so she became a WOMEN of Strength and leader of herself; ready to accomplish her personal story.

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