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UN Secretary General Candidate, Dr. Nabhit Kapur Leading Global Well-Being Diplomacy.

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Working tirelessly to achieve one’s definition of success is something that most professionals across industries have done over the years; however, a select few have chosen to go above and beyond and work to spread good and add value to others’ lives through their work. We are talking about Nabhit Kapur here, a man of influence, knowledge, and wisdom who has dedicated his life to breaking the stigmas surrounding mental health and serving as a strong advocate and crusader for mental health around the world; he’s known for his tireless efforts in mental health advocacy, international affairs, global peace, and well-being diplomacy.

Breaking down mental health stigmas has been one of his life’s goals, and he is now a well-known and respected mental health expert, TED speaker, and successful book writer. He is the brain of Peaceful Mind Foundation and World Leaders for Mental Health, a one-of-a-kind NGO that promotes well-being diplomacy while simultaneously studying global mental health laws and terminologies.

In a conversation with him, we dig more about his journey including his roots, challenges, and more.

Nabhit Kapur designate himself as a psychologist, a diplomat and a psycho-praneur (an entrepreneur of psychological world).

While inquiring about his interest in psychology and how it developed. His responses are succinct and straightforward.]

While growing up in Delhi, he was introduced to the subject at school, and its complexities piqued his curiosity. As a result, he pursued the subject academically until he earned his doctorate.

Peaceful Mind Foundation; It’s establishment.

He makes a small grin. Nothing compelled him to pursue a career as a diplomat. His work with the Peaceful Mind Foundation (PMF) paved the way for his current career as a diplomat and international mental health advocate.

Peaceful Mind began as a pedagogical organization in 2016, offering training and certificate courses in therapy and counseling to interested students. During the company’s early years, he saw the need to promote mental health as a topic that everyone could talk about. As he traveled throughout the world as a representative of his organization, he met people from other nations with whom he began to discuss mental health advocacy.

Dr. Nabhit Kapur became a sought-after figure in the diplomatic realm as the organization increased in prestige and impact, and he has served as an advisor to Presidents, Vice Presidents, and other leaders of nations across Western Africa and the Middle East in recent years. His work and time in Africa have had the greatest influence since he emphasizes the importance of using Africa as a nodal point for sending help rather than receiving it.

Nabhit around the world!!

He praises Africa’s youth, describing them as dynamic and eager to learn in all of the countries he has visited. Only a country and people who have been so severely exploited, both in terms of human and economic servitude, are capable of serving as a political expanse for global healing.

Indeed, Nabhit Kapur emphasizes the word heal, claiming that it must replace the negative connotations of the word unwell. Advocating for a structural rethinking of psychology, where collaborative cultural transactions would result in more diverse and enriched social environments, as well as better mental tools at our disposal.

He has continued to host mental health conferences with leaders, specialists, and people of all ages and backgrounds in addition to his advising work. Meetings and workshops were held online during the COVID year, but that is about to change now that Peaceful Mind has organized its first actual event post-COVID. In June and July of this year, in both Dubai and London, a collaborative event including many educational and advocacy organizations was scheduled. As a result, his current work resembles that of a diplomat rather than a psychologist.

His Challenging and Invigorating walk of life.

Several disappointments in his life prompted him to learn life-long lessons that helped him to make significant advances in various parts of the world. This was fueled by his remarkable foresight, unwavering perseverance, and zealous desires. Read on to know the full story.

Dr. Kapur ran as an independent candidate for Secretary-General of the United Nations in the year 2021. Despite the fact that Nabhit and his colleagues were unable to win a UN nomination, they did not lose hope. In fact, they are more determined than ever to make their second nomination in 2026 a resounding success.

He has tremendous faith and trust in his team’s abilities, and this boosts his confidence as he works to implement more productive improvements on a broader scale. His objective is to curate a vision that will touch all global stakeholders, notwithstanding his non-political experience. Nabhit has made a name for himself as a caring, tenacious, relentless, and committed proponent of well-being diplomacy. In fact, he seizes every opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of mental health — at both the macro and micro levels — especially in light of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Reforming The Mental Health Taboo

Nabhit takes pleasure in his capacity to adjust to new situations. He has educated himself to gracefully embrace every facet of every culture — Indian, Western, African, and Middle Eastern — so that cultural barriers have never been an issue for him.

Nabhit successfully trained roughly 154 Volunteers who were chosen PMF COVID-19 envoys during the months of COVID. The goal was to expand their reach by utilizing digital channels to provide psychological well-being support. Nabhit also made history by becoming the first individual in New Delhi to launch this unique concept, for which Forbes India profiled him. His unflappable leadership prompted PMF to organize counseling sessions for over 2500 people, including the Delhi Police.

An Impeccable Proponent Of Inner Contentment

Nabhit draws huge inspiration from the philosophy “with great power comes great responsibility,” which he stands firm on. As a diplomat, he spends his time and effort trying to grasp the concerns and then working to establish a robust redress mechanism.

Born in the country of fearless leaders who challenged injustice and inequality, such as Mahatma Gandhi, the world’s foremost peacemaker, and Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, a dynamic leader who taught the Asian Subcontinent about peace and diplomacy, Nabhit was inspired to fight adversity and change many lives.


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