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Akhil Poddar – The Big Sensation is motivating youth of today to think big and live Big

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Akhil Poddar is someone who comes with an air of class that seems to gratify the people present in the vicinity. Although he is the scion of Poddar Group of Industries, the manufacturer and supplier of PCC electric poles based out of Jaipur Rajasthan, his decadent lifestyle had made him more popular.

Born and brought up in Jaipur, he is a larger than life person from a fittingly luxurious city. The city was painted pink to welcome Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1870s by the erstwhile Maharaja. Similar to its distinct character, Akhil Poddar is a man of specific tastes, which are expressed in varied hues.

Akhil claims to compartmentalize his desires. He knows the value of work and earning, as it supports his pleasure pursuits. So he switches off from his active and mobile life, to be completely immersed in work. Being a believer in ‘investment’ rather than ‘wastage’, he invests his time in the workplace judiciously.

So when he relaxes into his socialite life, it is a complete relaxation, without a need for tension. And he is known for throwing extravagant parties. With his birthday coming up on May 7th, perhaps there is one waiting for us in the near future.

His parties reflect his flamboyant lifestyle, which invites the famous and the rich in equal numbers. And he is always the most stylish amidst them. His wardrobe has extensive collections of designer clothes, ranging from Armani and Louis Vitton to Gucci and Versace. And mixes and matches them to create a unique sense of formal style, which makes him at home in both the business and social world. An air of aloof mystery.

His initial business interests seem to have reflected that, as he had set up an apparel start up in his early years, and had managed to get it ranked among the top three brands in a PAN India level. Having spent enough time stabilizing his family business, and updating its production system, he is returning to this passion. There is a new series of designer clothing, he plans to launch through his apparel brand, which will capitalize on his unique sense of formal style and presence.

His interests also extend to luxury cars, which he has a garage full of, with the latest models from Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and Range Rover. So on his way to work and parties, he is seen roaming around in one of them. But those are not the only kinds of journeys he undertakes. Because he is also a fan of travel.

He claims of learning through the process of travelling. Of moving from one place to another, staying in a strange place, surrounded by people who are different but the same as us. His travels have been extensive both in and out of India, as he has visited every continent on the globe. He is also a fan of simple road trips with friends and family.

There is an odd calmness in his appearance, as is there a hint of elegance. Which pretty much sums up the reason for his social and professional success. He appears to be a person of a set disposition who is not averse to fun. And in his case, the appearance is supported by his actions.

It is this odd honesty about his flashy lifestyle, that endures him to the crowd. And he clearly enjoys it. But he is also keenly aware of its market potential, and the relationship of his image to his brand. And his expansion in the market space through a diversification of interests is also a thought out strategy. But he enjoys living in that strategy.

Akhil Poddar has, by hook or crook, enticed you into his cult. And now you too will keep an eye out for him, around the business and fashion pages. Is it because he is a glamorous social presence? Or is it because he is a savvy business man?

You will never know.

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