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Travel accessories for men: Are you losing the cabin baggage contest?

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Rimowa, Mont Blanc, Tumi, Dior or Roncanto? If you are a frequent traveller on the First Class, check out these luxury cabin luggages. These sure will help you make an impression

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Traveling First Class sure does reflect your taste for exclusivity and luxury but being trendy in doing so isn’t something to be undermined. While your outfit is decided by where you’re landing and your electronic accessories happen to be what you’re already bequeathed with, it’s your cabin luggage that remains as a definitive standout. So how trendy should trendy be? Some would say it is functionality and convenience that are essential, while others may argue that it’s the style.

We believe that the trendiest cabin luggage out there today is designed keeping both in mind. Fusing the beauty of utility with the comfort of convenience, all while wearing a prominent and famous label on it is the way to go. In fact, your luggage can glue eyes of aspiring admirers right from your VIP Lounge, to the aisles of your flight, and straight to your chosen destination. We’ve handpicked five sure-shot winners in the contest for cabin luggage supremacy.

dior rimowa

Dior X RimoWa: Rs 2.80 lakh onwards


Compact and firm, the fruit of the Dior and Rimowa collaboration has been rightly described as a luggage capsule. It celebrates the heritage of the old while prepping users for the future of cabin travel. The minimalism in design and the affirmative contours give the luggage its unique edge. The names of Rimowa and Dior are inscribed into the aluminium skin of the bags. Available in silver, black and blue and an uplifting champagne case, the bags have their unique harnesses to convenience you. A leather cross-body strap keeps the bag firmly by your side. The champagne case earns novelty with an interior that is designed to accommodate one champagne bottle and six champagne flutes snugly.

Rimowa Check-in L: Rs 63,000 onwards


Strong, durable and light in weight are the attributes you would expect from a baggage leader like Rimowa. But that’s not all, is it? The company has stylishly brandished their finest offerings in all sizes, especially with their new Check-in L range of essential suitcases. Weighing 4.8kg and with a volume of 85 litres you can expect these bags to support itineraries of over a week, without you needing to hit the dryers. Locks on the luggage are TSA-approved while the flex-divider offers height adjustments that can suit the way you pack your luggage. Recently, Rimowa has drawn inspiration from Iceland’s fjords and introduced the berry and glacier colours that would surely blend into the Icelandic landscape should that be your destination of choice.


Roncato Large Luggage Collection: Rs 40,000 onwards

Luggage experts Roncato have given their large luggage segment an exciting look that makes it trendy and helps travellers stand out from the clutter. Designed in Italy and available in dark blue, sand, dark green, anthracite, and dark red options, the luggage offers a generous volume of over 103 litres. Other features include a triple combination lock, expandable configuration, TSA system for security, and light 4.7km weight, even with the ample space it offers.


Tumi International Carry-on: Rs 65,000

Sometimes you just want to go beyond vanilla and keep it classy. Tumi’s International Carry-on range called the 19 Degree luggage collection makes for a dashing travel accessory that blends in rigidity and accommodates your travel needs seamlessly. The fluidic design is consistently satisfying to see, let alone carry. The colour options are vibrant and match your personality with options including silver, blush, bright lime, matte black, and texture silver to pick from. You can customise the monogram with either the classic or premium styles that are already available. A great advantage of owning Tumi luggage is that you can be assured of finding your possessions using Tumi Tracer, the complimentary program by the company that helps trace misplaced luggage to its exact coordinates.

Montblanc My4810: Rs 70,000

A true companion to every explorer, Montblanc has gallantly pushed their offerings to new frontiers. Their debut range of travel luggage is called My4810 and it is a reflection of everything you would want with you on your travels. From ball-bearing wheels that smoothly rotate in all directions to multi-stop handles for when you want to trolley the bag around; the collection is available in five sizes. With lightweight polycarbonate used in the build and accents of elegant leather, you will surely stand out. You can personalise your initials and have them embossed for free before the product is shipped to you from the Montblanc website.

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